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Americans with Disabilities FAQs

Are accommodations available in Civil Service employment if I am disabled?

Yes, you can request accommodation, either for a Civil Service examination or in the workplace, by contacting the EEO/AA Unit of the Personnel Department. For more information about workplace accomodations for civil service employees, see the Civil Service Regulation 32 FAQ.

How do I obtain accomodations?

Requests for Civil Service examination accomodations or in for the workplace, should be submitted to the EEO/AA Unit of the Personnel Department You can expect reasonable accommodations (ADA) to be granted.  Request should be submitted as soon as you are aware of the need, because making the necessary arrangements often takes time.  Please be prepared to provide supporting documentation from your physician.

How Can I Obtain More Information About ADA?

For more information about ADA, you can read this Federal ADA Guide or visit the U.S. Department of Justice ADA Homepage on the internet .

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