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Office of Human Resources


Information about employment with the City of Philadelphia.

Explore City job opportunities

Use the job board to explore current openings and find work with the City of Philadelphia.

There are two types of City jobs: civil service and non-civil service. Civil service positions require a competitive exam. Non-civil service positions do not.

Explore City jobs and internships

Interested in a civil service position?

You can find detailed information about civil service positions in the job class specifications. This includes details like salary and union code. You can also sign up to be notified when there’s a new opening for a certain job class.

You can look at a list of pay ranges associated with different City job union codes.

For more information, refer to the civil service frequently asked questions.

Residency requirements

To get a job with the City, you must fulfill certain residency requirements:

  • Exempt positions: You must move to Philadelphia within six months after your appointment date.
  • Civil service positions: You must live in Philadelphia for one year before your appointment date.

These requirements have been waived for certain positions. You can check this by referring to the residency waivers.

For complete information on residency requirements, refer to civil service regulation 30.

City career paths

Certain professions have different possible career progressions with the City. Refer to the career ladders to see progressions for clerical staff, firefighters, and engineers. There are different paths for employees with high school and college degrees. You do not need a college degree for all of these positions.