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City of Philadelphia


Systems Development, Core Financial Applications

Database Group

Secure Environment
Providing a stable and secure database environment for customers.
Performance Monitoring
Monitoring and adjusting database performance.
Data Backup
Establishing and execution of backup and recovery procedures.
Database Design
Providing advisory services on database design.
Enterprise Resource Planning
Providing a stable and secure deployment of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications.
ERP Performance
Monitoring and adjusting the ERP applications performance.
Backup and Recovery
Establishing and executing backup and recovery procedures for the ERP applications system.
Software Support
Supporting software by: Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database, Sybase, Oracle E-Business, ADABASE/NATURAL, DB2.
Department Support
Supporting departments in: L&I, Police, Revenue, Fleet, OPA, Finance, DHS, Pensions, Registry of Wills.

Enterprise Management

Mainframe Technical Support
Supporting all mainframe systems and functions including database storage services and disaster recovery planning.

OIT Central Data Center
A 24x7 high availability, redundant, and secure environment, hosting s a broad range of systems and applications on multiple platforms.
Monitoring systems and the data center environment, report logging, production services, and problem coordination and resolution. 
Production Control Services & Data Center Operations
Managing and scheduling of  IT production batch job input and execution, smooth production process flow, output examination and distribution, printing, and assisting City departments..

Resource Utilization


Provide innovative customer focused technology services within a stable and secure utility computing environment that leverages our collective knowledge, skills, creativity and resources for increasing efficiencies in the delivery of services in support of the City of Philadelphia goals. This Division is comprised of four units:

Platform Engineering – This group is responsible for supporting server hardware and operating systems for servers located in the data center at 1234 Market as well as some enterprise applications such as Active Directory, email, storage, and backups. Windows Server 2003 - 2008, Exchange 2010, Lotus Notes, EMC Clarion SAN, and Commvault Simpana are just some of the technologies employed to provide the services that Platform Engineering is responsible for. Along with these duties Platform Engineering is also tasked with providing a robust virtualization environment that will allow the City to upgrade, consolidate, and stabilize system servers that support various agencies throughout the City. VMWare ESX server is the virtualization technology that’s currently supported by Platform Engineering.

Enterprise Management – This group provides multiple services and is comprised of the following teams -Data Center Infrastructure Facilities, Data Center Operations, Mainframe Technical Support, Electronic Print Forms Design, and the Production Control unit.