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City of Philadelphia

Engagement Management

It Solution Broker
Bring together the technological and business resources required for IT initiatives to:
  • Ensure that a Citywide perspective is applied to projects so that extensive economies of scale can be realized
  • Utilize standard and repeated methodologies, documents, processes, technologies to maximize efficiency
Work internally and externally to:

  • Build the consistent relationship between the Agencies and the IT department
  • Gain an overarching understanding of the Agency – its processes and its objectives
  • Understand the environment in which an Agency exists and operates
  • Understand or create Governance Structures
  • Communicate 
  • Ensure project continuity from inception to implementation by assuring that all stakeholders are identified and included
Roles and Services Delivered
  • Engagement Management
  • Project Management 
  • Business Analysis
Subject Matter Expertise
Serve as a Center of Excellence to bring: 

An in-depth business view to the IT group

  • Business processes
  • Agency goals and objectives
  • Environment in which the Agency operates 
IT technical and application knowledge to the Agencies
  • Infrastructure / Networking / Security
  • Cloud Computing
  • GIS
  • Law / Finance / External Partners / Vendors / Consultants
  • Open Data / Innovation

Engagement Management

In alignment with the City of Philadelphia Mayoral goals as well as with the overarching goals of OIT, the Engagement Management Office (EMO) seeks to optimize efficiencies and the attainment of strategic City and Agency goals through the tactical application of technology. The EMO functions as a bridge between technology and city operational processes, identifying opportunities, and brokering effective technological solutions that leverage citywide technology platforms, standards, and innovations. They are responsible for ensuring that the city’s Priority and Strategic Business Applications are implemented successfully.