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City of Philadelphia

Data Management Office

Contact information

Director: James Moore
Phone: 215.686.2158

For all inquiries:
The Data Management Office (DMO) is a central component of the Office of Deputy Managing Director of Health and Human Services. DMO collects, analyzes, and reports on social services data, including but not limited to:
  • mental health
  • substance abuse
  • child dependency
  • juvenile justice
  • lead exposure
  • emergency shelter
  • local incarceration
  • local arrests
  • PHL Pre-K
  • Vital Statistics
  • Out of School Time

The purpose of a centralized data management office is to provide public officials, policymakers, and practitioners with accurate, timely information to help them make data-driven decisions.

Making Smarter Use of Data Together

CARES Integrated Data System

The Data Management Office operates and maintains the CARES integrated data system (IDS), which receives information from 11 unique source databases.

Research and Planning

The Data Management Office provides research and academic communities, policymakers and practitioners with information to promote data-driven decision making.