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Recreation Advisory Councils

Recreation Advisory Councils and their members improve rec centers every day.

How to get involved

Anyone can join their local Advisory Council. All you have to do is attend one meeting and have your name appear on at least one sign-in sheet to become a member.

Member activities

Members of Advisory Councils:

  • Help raise money for new supplies and equipment.
  • Help decide what programs they want at their local centers.
  • Plan special events.
  • Help keep rec centers clean.
  • Share information with the community about great things happening at the rec center.
  • Make sure their neighborhood’s natural spaces are protected.

Elected positions

Members of Advisory Councils who would like to be more involved and who meet certain requirements can be elected to the offices of President, Vice-President, Treasurer, or Secretary. These important positions are necessary for an official Advisory Council. They help make the Advisory Council as effective as possible.

All members who are eligible to vote in an Advisory Council election are eligible to hold office. To hold office, the Advisory Council member must meet all of the following:

  • Be 18 years of age at the time of the vote or election
  • Be one of these:
    • A registered volunteer in any activity at the recreation facility
    • A registered adult participant in an organized activity at the recreation facility
    • The parent of a registered minor (under 18 years old) participant in an organized activity at the recreation facility
  • Have attended at least 70 percent of the Advisory Council meetings during the current election cycle. Election cycles start on the first meeting after an election and typically last one year

Want to learn more about Recreation Advisory Councils? Download and read the Recreation Advisory Council Manual.

Connect to your local Advisory Council

If you would like get involved with an existing Advisory Council or start or new one, contact staff at the recreation facility closest to you using contact information in the Parks & Rec finder.