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Land management dashboard

The Department of Planning and Development partners with PHDC and the Philadelphia Land Bank, which oversees management of vacant land in the public inventory. Data is available on publicly owned land and dispositions made since the establishment of the Land Bank.

For 2021, 30% of Area Median Income for a family of three was 25,530; 120% Area Median Income for a family of three was $102,120. Income guidelines vary from program to program. To find out more, see the Division of Housing and Community Development Income Guidelines.

Information regarding how to buy land and the strategic plan can be found here

Properties owned by the landbank may be currently leased, used by an existing department or committed and approved but awaiting settlement. Only available properties are shown here.

This table is intended to show the status of applications moving through the disposition process. The table shows all applications submitted into the Land Management portal from July 1, 2021 to March 1, 2022. Some project extend from one fiscal year to another, so the Board Stage, City Council Stage and Settlement Stage include some applications for land that started in prior fiscal.