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All candidates for the awards presented must possess a track record of actively mirroring the mission of the Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations: reducing discrimination and intergroup tensions while promoting tolerance and respect among all people, regardless of differences in race, religion, ability, ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender identity.

• The PCHR Awards recognizes individuals and organizations advancing these values and recipients are models of exemplary behavior and ambassadors representing the best that Philadelphia offers.
• All nominations will be reviewed by an independent judging panel.
• Members of the Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations – commissioners and staff – as well as their immediate and extended family are not eligible for nomination.

Submission deadline is March 6, 2015

Nomination form for the PCHR Awards


About the nominee


Nominee’s status at company/organization(select one)


Submission is from (select one):


In 400 words or less, share why your candidate deserves this recognition. Consider including:

  • Descriptions of how s/he helps strengthen communities in the city
  • Explanations of how her/his contributions help improve Philadelphia’s quality of life
    • Using her/his position consistently to benefit the lives of others
    • Advancing policies that will combat discrimination, harassment, and, or, exclusion
  • Examples of how her/his efforts have helped decrease discrimination, harassment, bullying, and, or, intolerance in the workplace, schools or housing situations of others



Winners will be selected by March 20, 2015 and notified by PCHR shortly thereafter.