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Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations

Our history

Learn about the history and accomplishments of the Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations.


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After surviving a first amendment legal challenge, the Wage Equity Law goes into effect almost 3 years after its enactment in 2017. The Wage Equity Law, enforced by PCHR, seeks to address the disparity in the pay of women and minorities by prohibiting employers, employment agencies, or their agents from inquiring about or relying upon past wages during the application process.

The Fair Practice Ordinance (FPO) is amended in October 2020 to clarify that unlawful discrimination includes discrimination based on hairstyle or hair texture was clarified as unlawful discrimination.

In November 2020, the Fair Criminal Records Screening Standards Ordinance is amended to expand protections for current employees and broadened the definition of employee to include gig workers.

In December 2020, protections to homeowners are strengthened under the Fair Practice Ordinance by the creation of “Wholesaler Legislation.” This legislation regulates the solicitation of purchases of real property by “Residential Property Wholesalers” by creating a Do Not Solicit List, requiring wholesalers to obtain licenses from Licenses and Inspections (L&I), and requiring Property Wholesalers to abide by a code of conduct which includes providing disclosures under certain terms and conditions to homeowners with whom they seek to do business.