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City of Philadelphia

Life Partnership Defined

Section 9-1102(1)(r) of the City’s Fair Practices Ordinance defines a Life Partnership as:
A long-term committed relationship between two unmarried individuals of the same gender who:
  1. are residents of the City of Philadelphia; or one of whom is employed in the City, owns real property in the City, owns and operates a business in the City, or is a recipient of or has a vested interest in employee benefits from the City of Philadelphia;
  2. are at least 18 years old and competent to contract;
  3. are not related to each other by blood in any way which would prohibit marriage in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania;
  4. have no other Life Partner but the other person;
  5. have not been a member of a different Life Partnership for the past twelve months unless the prior Life Partnership ended as a result of the death of the other Life Partner;
  6. agree to share the common necessities of life and to be responsible for each other’s common welfare;
  7. share at least one residence with the other Life Partner; and
  8. agree under penalty of law to notify the Commission of any change in the status of the Life Partnership.