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City of Philadelphia

Life Partnership

If you and your partner are of the same-sex or same-gender identity and in a long-term committed relationship, you can have your relationship officially recognized by the City of Philadelphia by becoming Life Partners. Life Partnership gives couples certain rights and benefits that are available to opposite-sex married couples and their dependents/ families. These benefits include being able to:
  • Designate your Life Partner as a dependent to receive health benefits under the City of Philadelphia’s employee benefit plan and certain other employee benefit plans
  • Make your Life Partner a beneficiary under the City’s retirement plan, if you are a City of Philadelphia employee
  • Transfer property to your Life Partner without having to pay City real estate transfer tax, if you live in Philadelphia
To have your relationship recognized as a Life Partnership, you need to register with our office and provide supporting documents as evidence of your relationship. There is no fee for registration. However, an optional Certificate of Life Partnership is available for a $10.

If, after becoming Life Partners, your relationship ends, you must notify us by filing a Life Partnership Termination Statement.