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City of Philadelphia

Community Relations

Dispute Resolution Program

The Dispute Resolution Program provides mediation, conciliation, counseling, and referral services to individuals, households, and groups that have a dispute and an ongoing relationship with each other.

Mediation At A Glance

Learn more about mediation, a voluntary and confidential dispute resolution process run by a neutral PCHR staff member.

Preventing Intergroup Conflict

Every day, the PCHR works with community groups and government entities to promote and build positive intergroup relations throughout the City.

Intergroup Conflict in the Schools Report

See our 2011 report and video that recommend to the Philadelphia School District specific ways to resolve, track and prevent intergroup conflicts in our schools.

Working with Our Partners

Each month, the PCHR convenes an Inter-Agency Civil Rights Task Force meeting made up of local, state and federal law enforcement agencies and community partners to work on the prevention of intergroup tension and bias crimes throughout Philadelphia. Task Force meetings are used to strengthen connections between agencies, share information and coordinate responses to bias incidents and crimes.