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Fair Chance Hiring Law (Ban the Box)

It is illegal in Philadelphia for employers to ask about criminal backgrounds during the job application process. The Fair Criminal Records Screening Standards Ordinance (“Ban the Box”) helps ensure that employers initially make hiring and other employment decisions based on work qualifications, without considering a person’s criminal record. The law restricts when an employer can inquire about a person’s criminal history and how it can be used. Ban the Box helps to open doors to employment for the 1 in 3 Philadelphians with a criminal record, and reduces recidivism.

Wage Equity Ordinance

When you apply for a job in Philadelphia, it is illegal for employers to ask about or require you to disclose your wage history or to use that information to determine your wages.

Discrimination & Enforcement

See what to do if you believe you have been discriminated against at your work, home or commercial property or while accessing a public service, facility or business. Learn how we protect people with criminal records and those affected by domestic and sexual violence.

Community Relations

Discover how we help to resolve neighborhood conflicts, mediate disputes, partner with the community to prevent intergroup tension, promote understanding among diverse populations, and conduct public hearings for educational purposes.

Life Partnership

Learn how to register your long-term, committed, same-sex relationship with us under the City of Philadelphia’s Life Partnership law. Registration gives same-sex couples certain rights and benefits that are available to opposite-sex married couples.


Find the laws we enforce, including the Fair Practices Ordinance and Ban the Box, our regulations, and other publications that describe how we enforce the City’s civil rights laws, promote intergroup harmony, and advance positive human relations.

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