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In Philadelphia, we’re turning big ideas into reality, and we need people like YOU to make it happen.

Join us and start building a better future—for you and for your City. We offer good salaries, amazing benefits and perks, and a work culture that sees and values you. And when you work with the City of Philadelphia, your talents and skills are focused on doing big things, for good.

Shape the city, make the city

Across every department, office, and agency, we’re out to hire people excited by what Philly can become. If that’s YOU, and you want your time, your smarts, and your drive to mean something, how about working to create a tomorrow that’s safe, clean, accessible, and buzzing with excitement?

Whether you have a degree or not, have loads of experience, or are just starting out, take a closer look … because one small move now could be the start of something really big: check out our job openings.

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What are Civil Service jobs?

Civil service positions at the City of Philadelphia are roles within municipal government filled through a merit-based system. These positions span administrative, technical, and professional functions, with applicants undergoing rigorous evaluation to ensure qualifications match job requirements. Examples include police officers, firefighters, accountants, engineers, and skilled trade workers.

Working in civil service for the City of Philadelphia offers stability, competitive compensation, and the opportunity to serve the public and make a positive impact on the city’s residents and communities.

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