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We’re turning big ideas into reality, and we need people like YOU to make it happen. 

Our electricians, plumbers, industrial mechanics, and other skilled tradespeople keep this city humming, 24/7. Installing and repairing complex systems, identifying and fixing issues beneath streets, behind walls, and under the hood—this is work that needs your passion for problem-solving, your commitment to safety, and your sharp decision-making. 

If that sounds interesting and you want your time, your smarts, and your energy to mean something, how about working with us to create a better tomorrow? 

Some of our skilled trades jobs need degrees, others look for certifications, apprenticeships, or experience. All our jobs offer good salaries, amazing benefits and perks, and a work culture that sees and values you. 

So, take a closer look… because one small move now could be the start of something really big: check out our job openings.

What are civil service jobs?

Civil service positions at the City of Philadelphia are roles within municipal government filled through a merit-based system. These positions span administrative, technical, and professional functions, with applicants undergoing rigorous evaluation to ensure qualifications match job requirements. Examples include police officers, firefighters, accountants, engineers, and skilled trade workers.

Working in civil service for the City of Philadelphia offers stability, competitive compensation, and the opportunity to serve the public and make a positive impact on the city’s residents and communities.

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Future Track Trainee, Streets Department- ($17/hour)

Job Description
  • This is a workforce development program. One day per week will be spent in a classroom, receiving training in soft skills, which will prepare candidates for careers. The remaining four days will be spent in the neighborhood beautification program.  The primary work assignment will be assisting with neighborhood beautification tasks throughout the City to make Philadelphia a cleaner place to live and work.

Philadelphia Water Department Southeast Water Treatment Co-op ($18-20/ hour)

Job Description
  • This position involves assisting the Engineer(s) in field work and expedite routine office tasks. The field work includes checking process equipment (pumps, valves, meters, bar screens, tank levels, flow rates, etc) integral to plant operations. Collecting data from in-situ meters at various points throughout the plant. Assist the engineer in coordinating procedures for shutdowns related to maintenance, construction or other issues.

Public Works Maintenance Trainee ($40,504 to $44,023)

Job Description
  • This is training level trades work. Employees in this class perform work in the Water Department, the Department of Public Property, or the Streets Department developing the knowledge and skills necessary for advancement in an area of trade specialization. Employees perform rudimentary maintenance and repair work under the guidance of a higher-level trades worker.

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