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Our public safety colleagues do important work each and every day. From safeguarding people and property and setting a positive example for others, to emergency response and law enforcement, this is work that needs your sense of duty, your ability to stay calm under pressure, and your passion for problem-solving. 

If that sounds interesting and you want your time, your smarts, and your energy to mean something, how about working with us to create a better tomorrow? 

Some public safety jobs need degrees or professional certifications, but others don’t – and all our jobs offer good salaries, amazing benefits and perks, and a work culture that sees and values you. 

So, take a closer look… because one small move now could be the start of something really big: check out our job openings below.

What are civil service jobs?

Civil service positions at the City of Philadelphia are roles filled through a merit-based system. These positions span administrative, technical, and professional roles with applicants undergoing rigorous evaluation to ensure qualifications match job requirements. Examples include police officers, firefighters, accountants, engineers, and skilled trade workers.

Working in civil service for the City of Philadelphia offers stability, competitive compensation, and the opportunity to serve the public and make a positive impact on the city’s residents and communities.

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Correctional Officer ($48,355 – $59,235, $2,000 Hiring Bonus)

Job Description
  • This is general duty correctional work maintaining security and discipline in a City correctional institution or police detention facility on an assigned shift. Work includes responsibility for guarding inmates at a work location, in cell blocks, transporting them from institutions to and from courts and between institutions, and in the performance of general laboring tasks as required. Work is performed under the close supervision of higher level correctional or police personnel.
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Job Description
  • This is part-time seasonal school crossing guard duty. An employee in this class is responsible for directing traffic at an assigned intersection in order to afford maximum protection to children going to and returning from school. Work is performed under the immediate supervision of a police officer or patrol supervisor.
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Reentry/Transitional Case Manager 1 ($50,000 – $55,000)

Job Description
  • Provide comprehensive case management services for the adult or juvenile reentry participants as they navigate the reentry process.  This position will provide case management and transitional management to persons currently incarcerated as well as persons who have been released from incarceration and need a continuum of care.

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