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We’re turning big ideas into reality, and looking for people like YOU to make it happen. 

Our accounting jobs impact everything we do, all across the City – so we need your knack for numbers, your head for detail, and your desire to make a difference. 

We offer good salaries, amazing benefits and perks, and a work culture that sees and values you, and we’re out to hire people excited by what Philly can become. So, if you have a degree or not, have loads of experience or only a little, we’re asking YOU to take a closer look at some of the open positions available below … because one small move now could be the start of something big. 

What are civil service jobs?

Civil service positions at the City of Philadelphia are roles within municipal government filled through a merit-based system. These positions span administrative, technical, and professional functions, with applicants undergoing rigorous evaluation to ensure qualifications match job requirements. Examples include police officers, firefighters, accountants, engineers, and skilled trade workers.

Working in civil service for the City of Philadelphia offers stability, competitive compensation, and the opportunity to serve the public and make a positive impact on the city’s residents and communities.

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Accounting Intern (paid)

Job Description
  • Students who are interested in this internship will gain experience in assisting with recording revenue from a variety of sources, assisting in following up on delinquent accounts, summarizing fixed asset/lease information, aiding in preparation of financial presentations, and more.

Accountant 1

Job Description
  • The purpose of this position is to provide fiscal support such as fiscal monitoring and analysis, review budgets and contractual invoices. This position is within the Operations unit and is responsible for identifying best practices to be applied more broadly at the organization.

Accountant/Revenue Examiner/Contracts Auditor Trainee

Job Description
  • This is training level accounting work learning to apply the principles and practices of accounting to the recording, adjusting, categorizing, summarizing, and analyzing of financial data in a municipal agency, (Accountant assignments)
  •  Or examination of accounting and other records for the purpose of determining tax liabilities, (Revenue Examiner assignments)
  • Or financial and operational reviews, and investigative audits of private and quasi-public agencies contracted to perform services for the City (Contracts Auditor assignments).


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