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We’re turning big ideas into reality, and we need people like YOU to make it happen. 

Our civil and environmental engineers, architects, and surveyors plan, shape, and refresh our city every day. Construction projects and border disputes, complex environmental and infrastructure investigations, and the movement of people and traffic—this is work that needs your flair for puzzles, your creativity, and your critical thinking skills. 

If that sounds interesting and you want your time, your smarts, and your energy to mean something, how about working with us to create a better tomorrow? 

Some of these jobs need degrees, others ask for certifications, apprenticeships, or experience – and all of them offer good salaries, amazing benefits and perks, and a work culture that sees and values you. 

So, take a closer look… because one small move now could be the start of something really big: check out our job openings below.

What are civil service jobs?

Civil service positions at the City of Philadelphia are roles within municipal government filled through a merit-based system. These positions span administrative, technical, and professional functions, with applicants undergoing rigorous evaluation to ensure qualifications match job requirements. Examples include police officers, firefighters, accountants, engineers, and skilled trade workers.

Working in civil service for the City of Philadelphia offers stability, competitive compensation, and the opportunity to serve the public and make a positive impact on the city’s residents and communities.

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Public Health Laboratory Section Supervisor (Clinical Chemistry)

Job Description
  • This role involves supervising lab staff in the City’s Public Health Lab, focusing on diagnostic and environmental tests. Responsibilities include developing methods, training staff, and ensuring test accuracy. Coordinating with departmental administrators and outside agencies is crucial.

Surveyor 1

Job Description
  • This is surveying work serving as chief of a survey corps performing construction and/or land surveys. Employees in this class supervise a small group of subordinate employees engaged in measuring and marking assigned areas by locating and fixing lines, angles and elevations to collect data for survey purposes. Employees compute lines and grades and may prepare engineered plans, make estimates and prepare sketches and plans from field notes. Employees have controlling responsibility for the technical aspects and accuracy of the survey corps work.

Graduate Civil Engineer

Job Description
  • This is beginning level civil engineering work. Employees in this class perform assignments of limited but increasing scope and complexity, which are intended to develop the knowledge and abilities of the engineer.  Assignments require evaluative thinking and are carried out in accordance with standard engineering practices general work instruction. Completed work is used as a basis by others to further engineering projects. Work is performed under the supervision of a higher-level engineer.

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