As 2023 ends, the Office of LGBT Affairs takes a reflective pause to acknowledge and appreciate the triumphs and hardships that have shaped our journey throughout the past year. Each experience has been a stepping stone, contributing to our collective growth and resilience. We carry the lessons learned into the future, fortified by the strength found in overcoming challenges and celebrating successes. Looking ahead, we remain committed to our mission, fostering inclusivity, and working towards a more supportive and affirming environment for all. 


  • This guide aims to equip managers with the knowledge and tools necessary to provide meaningful support to employees who are transitioning. As we recognize the importance of fostering a workplace that values diversity and inclusion, this guide serves as a valuable asset in ensuring that every employee feels respected, understood, and supported during times of change. 


  • In celebration of the remarkable legacy left by community leader Michael S. Hinson, Jr., we are thrilled to announce the launch of the LGBTQ+ Leadership Pipeline—a unique initiative dedicated to empowering community leaders and preparing them for impactful board service with Philadelphia’s leading social impact organizations. 


  • Transgender Day of Visibility 
  • We are thrilled to share the resounding success of our recent Trans Day of Visibility (TDOV) flag-raising and rally, hosted by The Office at City Hall. This empowering event, held in person and broadcasted via social media, garnered overwhelming community support and drew attention from various media platforms, solidifying its significance in our collective journey toward inclusivity and celebration. 
  • DBHIDS DEI Lean-in ChatUP 
  • Executive Director, Celena Morrison, took center stage to shed light on the City’s proactive initiatives in support of the transgender community. The occasion was a Brave Space Meeting hosted by the Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual Disability Services, serving as a platform for open dialogue and collaboration. 


  • In a groundbreaking move, we collaborated with the IBX Broad Street Run to introduce a non-binary runners’ category—a historic inclusion marking a significant step forward in race participation. For the first time in the event’s history, non-binary runners will be recognized with equal awards, reflecting our dedication to creating an inclusive space for all participants. 
  • School District of Philadelphia – Gender & Sexual Health Summit 2023  
  • Our commitment to education and advocacy took center stage as we had the privilege of speaking at the School District of Philadelphia’s Gender & Sexual Health Summit 2023 and addressing student leaders from Gender and Sexuality Alliances (GSAs). 
  • Raised the “More Color More Pride” flag in honor of Black Pride 
  • In celebration of Black Pride, we proudly raised the “More Color More Pride” flag—an emblem that symbolizes our dedication to recognizing and celebrating the diverse voices within our community.


  • Pride rainbow graduation tassels  
  • The Office proudly partnered with the Arcila-Adams Trans Resource Center, the Attic Youth Center, and other esteemed community partners to create More Color More Pride rainbow graduation tassels—a meaningful gesture to celebrate the achievements of our graduating LGBTQ+ students. 
  • Trans Wellness Conference Community Conversation: A Shared Dialogue 
  • In partnership with the Mazzoni Center, Our participation in the Trans Wellness Conference Community Conversation was a meaningful exchange of ideas and experiences.  
  • The crosswalks received a vibrant makeover, now proudly showcasing not only the iconic rainbow but also the colors of the trans flag. Additionally, these vibrant hues were applied using sustainable and eco-friendly materials, aligning with our commitment to a greener and more sustainable future.  


Pride Month Highlights 

  • “Can’t Hide Our Pride” Flag Raising  
  • The Office hosted the “Can’t Hide Our Pride” flag raising and kickoff—an event that set the tone for a month of celebration, visibility, and unity. It was a powerful moment, symbolizing the unyielding spirit of our LGBTQ family. 
  • City Landmarks Illuminated in Rainbow Colors  
  • Our commitment to visibility extended to the iconic landmarks of our city, which were illuminated in vibrant rainbow colors. This visual celebration was a testament to the inclusivity and pride that defines our community. 
  • LGBTQIA+ Entrepreneurs Night 
  • In collaboration with the Philadelphia Commission of LGBT Affairs, we hosted the LGBTQIA+ Entrepreneurs Night—an inspiring gathering that showcased the entrepreneurial spirit within our community. It was a platform for networking, support, and the celebration of LGBTQIA+ achievements in the business world. 
  • “Prideteenth” with Philadelphia Family Pride  
  • Partnering with Philadelphia Family Pride, we celebrated “Prideteenth”—an event that brought together families and individuals to commemorate both Pride Month and Juneteenth. The intersectionality of these celebrations amplified the importance of unity, understanding, and shared joy. 


  • Stood with community 
  • In solidarity against the Moms for Liberty National Summit, we illuminated City landmarks in radiant rainbow hues, adorned the Marriot Center with trans pride flags, and shared images promoting trans inclusion across digital boards throughout the city. Our commitment to standing against discrimination shines bright! 
  • Our second annual Summer Vibes Block Party, in collaboration with the William Way Community Center and other incredible partners, was a tremendous success! Trans Joy took center stage with a fantastic turnout, offering a delightful mix of activities, delectable food, diverse vendors, and live entertainment suitable for all ages. 
  • The Office of LGBT Affairs uplifted and attended the 9th annual Stonewall Sports National Tournament 
  • Team Announcement: Former Deputy Director Erik Larson in exciting news, our former Deputy Director, Erik Larson, has taken on a new role as the Deputy Director of Southeastern Pennsylvania in Governor Shapiro’s administration. We congratulate Erik on this significant step and look forward to the positive impact he’ll continue to make in our region. 


  • We had the honor of hosting Rodrigo Heng-Lehtinen, the Executive Director of the National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE). This collaboration represents a significant stride in our ongoing commitment to fostering connections with national LGBTQ+-focused organizations. 


  • The Office of LGBT Affairs partnered with Bearded Ladies Cabaret for the captivating “Late Night Snacks” series in September. Featuring pay-what-you-wish live performances, the event showcased opera singers, drag queens, cabaret stars, and art clowns, ensuring there was something for everyone.  


  • In honor of LGBTQIA+ History Month and National Coming Out Day, The Office hosted an event and raised the all-inclusive Pride flag at City Hall.  
  • We proudly co-sponsored the Fostering Pride event alongside the Mazzoni Center, a vibrant gathering that highlighted our shared dedication to fostering an inclusive and supportive community. Our Executive Director, Celena Morrison, participated in a panel discussion, contributing valuable insights to the conversation. 
  • In a significant advocacy milestone, we championed the signing of Executive Order 4-23, officially establishing Philadelphia as a haven for gender-affirming care. This groundbreaking step reaffirms our commitment to creating a city where everyone can access the care they deserve. 


  • Philadelphia achieved a remarkable milestone by scoring a perfect 100 on the Human Rights Campaign’s Municipal Equality Index! This outstanding recognition reflects the city’s unwavering commitment to fostering equality, inclusivity, and justice for the LGBTQ+ community.  
  • City Hall stood in solemn solidarity by raising the transgender flag. This heartfelt gesture pays homage to lives lost due to anti-trans violence, emphasizing our shared commitment to creating a world where every individual is valued and respected. Additionally, the Office of LGBT Affairs joined forces with William Way for the “Repass” event, a moving tribute to those we have lost within the past year. 
  • Thanksgiving Holiday MealTo-Go 
  • The Office of LGBT Affairs collaborated with William Way for their cherished annual Thanksgiving Holiday Meal to-go. This longstanding tradition embodies the spirit of the season by providing warm meals to those in need, spreading comfort and joy during the Thanksgiving holiday. 


  • Christmas Holiday Meal-To-Go 
  • This Christmas, the Office of LGBT Affairs is joining hands with William Way once again to provide warm and festive holiday meals to spread joy and comfort throughout our community.