Film and television make great entertainment, but do they teach you the best lessons?

Register of Wills Tracey L. Gordon and Solicitor Sharon Wilson, Esq. are watching and reacting to popular TV and film scenes that address estate planning, wills, gentrification, and generational wealth. From Boyz n the Hood to Parks and Rec, we’re using popular video clips to help you better understand these important issues.

You can sample some of the following videos or view the whole playlist on YouTube. To learn more about the series, read about how the Register of Wills is using pop culture to educate and entertain.

“The Register Reacts” | Ron Writes a Will – Parks and Recreation | S1: E1
Ron has had the same will since he was eight years old. Learn how to do it right!

“The Register Reacts” | Soul Food – Estate Planning | S1: E2
What happens when a matriarch dies? What happens to Big Mama’s house?

“The Register Reacts” | Game of Thrones – King Robert’s Death | S1: E3
How would Westeros have been different if King Rob had made a proper will?

“The Register Reacts” | Boyz n the Hood – Gentrification | S1: E4
Boyz n the Hood came out 30 years ago and gentrification is still a timely subject.

“The Register Reacts” | Buried – Oral Wills | S1: E5
How would you escape being buried alive? Also! Oral wills are not valid in PA.

“The Register Reacts” | Queen Sugar – Finding a Will | S1: E6
What happens when you have more than one will? Learn what to do.

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