Are you living in a home that’s still legally in the name of a deceased person? This situation is called a “tangled title,” and we can help!

Through the Probate Deferment Initiative (PDI), the Register of Wills and the Department of Records are waiving and deferring fees associated with tangled titles. This is a real crisis in Philadelphia, where there are currently more than 10,000 tangled titles.

And remember: That’s not just 10,000 properties. That’s 10,000 families.

Through this initiative, you can get access to free legal assistance to fix your deed and make a will. By taking action today, you can break the cycle and protect your family’s generational wealth.

Don’t leave your family in a difficult situation after you pass! Contact us at or call (215) 686-6250 to find out if you’re eligible for PDI and get connected with free legal assistance. You can also watch our series of public service announcements and learn more.


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