Education Support Center (ESC)

The Education Support Center (ESC) is designed to improve the educational stability and outcomes for children in DHS care, including dependent, delinquent, and in-home services.

We are liaisons between DHS, the School District of Philadelphia and other public and private schools, working in partnership with you to ensure that children in DHS care attend school every day and take advantage of all education opportunities offered by the school.

What we do:
  • Provide individual educational consultations to DHS and provider case managers, school district staff and resource families with the following:
    • Help child remain in school of origin when they come into placement or there is a placement change
    • Assist with transportation plans
    • Ensure a next day school transfer when necessary
    • Address reading and/or math failure, unexcused absences, and discipline and behavior incidents
    • Address Special Education concerns
  • Identify educational indicators for children in DHS care to address early signs of educational challenges;
  • Lead and facilitate the integration of educational development into child welfare practice; and
  • Collaborate with the School District of Philadelphia, and other public and non-public schools to serve the educational needs of children in DHS care.

Policy in Practice!
  • The “default” school will always be the child’s school of origin.
  • If a transfer is necessary, a child should never miss a day of school because they transfer to a new school, even if the transfer paperwork has not been pulled together. The child should be allowed to enroll in school, with the paperwork to follow.
If you experience a barrier with this, first contact the school counselor. If there is no resolution, contact the Education Support Center as soon as possible.

  • Appointments for the child should be made during after-school hours, including breaks and holidays.