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Key partnerships

The Department of Human Services (DHS) works with a variety of partners and programs to support children and families in Philadelphia. These include:

Community Umbrella Agencies (CUA)

DHS partners with six community-based agencies across 10 CUA regions in Philadelphia. CUAs provide ongoing case management to the families involved with the Philadelphia Department of Human Services.

The CUA Regions are:

Region 1: Eastern North – NET Community Care
Region 2: Lower Eastern North – Asociación Puertorriqueños en Marcha (APM)
Region 3: Lower Northeast – Concilio
Region 4: Northeast – Catholic Community Services
Region 5: Logan/Olney – Asociación Puertorriqueños en Marcha (APM)
Region 6: Northwest – Tabor Community Partners
Region 7: North Central – NET Community Care
Region 8: Center City & South Philadelphia – Bethanna
Region 9: Southwest – Greater Philadelphia Community Alliance (GPCA)
Region 10: West – Bethanna

Locate or contact the CUA in your neighborhood using our CUA map.

Philadelphia Safety Collaborative

DHS works with Philadelphia Children’s Alliance (PCA) and the Philadelphia Police Special Victims Unit (SVU) and the District Attorney to coordinate services for child victims of sexual abuse. PCA, DHS, and SVU are co-located at 300 East Hunting Park Ave. in Philadelphia. This partnership streamlines investigations so that children only tell their story of sexual abuse once—and do not need to retell the story of abuse multiple times to different professionals.

Police School Diversion Program

DHS works with the School District of Philadelphia and the Philadelphia Police Department to provide services to youth instead of arrest. This increases their chances of staying in school and reduces the risk of future arrest. Since the Police School Diversion Program began in 2014, 1,486 youth have been diverted from the courts to our Intensive Prevention Services (IPS) programs.

Shared Safety

Shared Safety is a coordinated response to address domestic violence, human trafficking, and sexual violence in the City of Philadelphia. Community organizations and city agencies, including DHS, collectively lead the initiative with the Office of Domestic Violence Strategies serving as its backbone.

Quality Parenting Initiative (QPI)

Philadelphia QPI consists of a diverse group of stakeholders, including resource and natural parents, child welfare practitioners, child advocates, parent lawyers, and older youth. Together, we work as a team to support foster parents and strengthen the foster care system.