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Our leadership

Kimberly Ali began her tenure with the City in 2000 as a DHS social worker. She rose through the ranks of DHS, with leadership positions that included Director of Provider Relations and Evaluation of Programs and Operations Director for Ongoing Services in the Children and Youth Division. Most recently, she was Deputy Commissioner for Child Welfare Operations.

Ms. Ali holds a B.A. in Criminal Justice and a Masters in Social Work from Temple University.

Name Job title Phone #
Stephanie L. Ali Chief of Staff, Child Welfare Operations
Robin E. Chapolini Deputy Commissioner, Policy Development and System Enhancement
Sherrie M. Epps Operations Director, Research & Evaluation, Performance Management and Technology
Katherine Garzon Chief of Staff, Commissioner’s Office
Dona Gonzalez Director of Operations, Information Technology, Performance Management and Technology
Brittan Hallar Chief of Performance Management and Technology
Samuel B. Harrison, III Deputy Commissioner, Child Welfare Operations
Benita King Operations Director, Child and Family Services
Staci L. Morgan Operations Director, Ongoing Services
Laura Morris Operations Director, Prevention Services
Vongvilay Mounelasy Deputy Commissioner, Administration and Management
Nadine E. Perese Chief Financial Officer
Carla T. Sanders Operations Director, Front-End Services
Luis A. Santiago Sobrado Operations Director, Policy Development and System Enhancement
Michael B. Scott Executive Director, Philadelphia Juvenile Justice Service Center
Landuleni Shipanga Controller
Sheila Simmons Chief of Communications and Strategies
Nya Sturrup Communications Director
Luciana Terrell Operations Director, Juvenile Justice Services
Gary D. Williams Deputy Commissioner, Juvenile Justice Services
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