Our leadership

Cynthia F. Figueroa
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Name Job Title Email Phone # Social
Kimberly Ali Deputy Commissioner, Child Welfare Operations(215) 683-6014
Staci Boyd Operations Director, Improving Outcomes for Children(215) 683-0425
Timene L. Farlow Deputy Commissioner, Juvenile Justice Services(215) 686-4845
Samuel Harrison, III Operations Director, Investigations, Assessments & Referral Services(215) 683-6020
Heather Keafer Director of Communications and External Relations (Media inquiries)(215) 683-6012
Waleska Maldonado Deputy Commissioner, Community Based Prevention Services(215) 683-4254
Laura Morris Operations Director, Community Based Prevention Services(215) 683-6164
Vongvilay Mounelasy Deputy Commissioner, Administration & Management(215) 683-6045
Ana Ramos-Hernandez Director of Operations for Performance Management and Technology(215) 520-7330
Christi Rinehart Operations Director, Permanency & Well Being Service(215) 683-6050
Liza M. Rodriguez Deputy Commissioner, Performance Management and Technology(215) 683-0434
Jessica S. Shapiro First Deputy Commissioner(215) 683-6010
Christopher Simi Deputy Commissioner, Finance(215) 683-6060
Nelson R. Walker Executive Director of the PJJSC(215) 683-9145
Gary D. Williams Chief Learning Officer(215) 683-6014