Resources for foster parents

In Philadelphia, foster parents are called resource parents, because they support not just the child or children in their home, but that child’s whole family.

Name Description Released Format
2020 DHS list of foster care agency providers PDF These providers can train and certify you to become a foster parent. Listed alphabetically. September 14, 2020
DHS Section 15.1 foster care contract PDF All DHS contracts with foster-care agencies prohibit agencies from discriminating against foster parents on the basis of race, sex, sexual orientation, or any other protected characteristic. Section 15.1 of each foster-care agency contract provides as follows. August 12, 2020
Visitation during COVID crisis PDF Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, Philadelphia DHS Commissioner Kimberly Ali has issued the following directives as they relate to in person visitation and contact between staff and children and families. March 31, 2020
Community Umbrella Agency geographic zones with ZIP codes PDF Use this map to determine your CUA, which is responsible for managing your case. May 31, 2019
Quality Parenting Initiative (QPI) Brochure PDF Committed to Improving Foster Care. Excellent parenting is the most important service we can provide to children and youth in care. Children need families, not just beds. May 13, 2019
Collaborative parenting classes PDF All classes by location, CUA area, and target population (if specified) served, this program is available to all Philadelphia residents. September 26, 2017
DHS resource parent handbook PDF Questions and answers about DHS involvement, family court, permanency, reunification, and alternatives to reunification. September 26, 2017
Together We Thrive – Philadelphia’s agenda for health and well-being PDF Together We Thrive was created to connect current and potential community partners with our strategies, provide the tools needed to effectively contribute, share information, and understand what works (and what doesn’t). September 26, 2017
What About Reasonable & Prudent Parenting? PDF The Reasonable and Prudent Parent Standard reduces barriers for children and foster parents to allow children to have more opportunities to participate in activities and be part of the family and community. December 19, 2018
What About Reasonable and Prudent Parenting? (Spanish) PDF What About Reasonable and Prudent Parenting? (Spanish) September 25, 2019
What about Court participation? PDF Judges can only make sound decisions in the child’s best interest if they have a full understanding of the child’s well-being, progress, and needs. As the full-time caregiver, you are a critical source of firsthand information. You have the right and the responsibility to advocate for the children in your care. March 25, 2019
What About Court participation? (Spanish) PDF What About Court? (Spanish) September 25, 2019
What about Education? PDF Information for resource parents on their rights and responsibilities around their foster child's education. June 4, 2019
What About Education? (Spanish) PDF What About Education? (Spanish) September 25, 2019