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Office of Supportive Housing

Office of Supportive Housing

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is one of the main reasons people become homeless.

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Housing retention, emergency assistance and response, homeless prevention and rapid re-housing are all important pieces of preventing homelessness. These programs provide support, outreach, and assistance to many who are at risk of becoming homeless.

Emergency Services

There are multiple programs in place for short-term housing and crisis support. These range from shelters to food distribution programs, as well as transitional housing and relocation services.

Long-Term Housing

There are many options to provide affordable housing for homeless individuals and families. These housing programs are arranged through non-profit organizations and associated with supportive services.

Youth Matters

Each year, Philadelphia performs a Point In Time Count of all homeless individuals living on the streets, unsheltered, or in temporary shelter housing. The purpose is to estimate the size of the population in need of housing and critical life supports, and the Point In Time Count is the only statistical estimate of street homelessness currently being conducted.

Veterans Homelessness

By Veterans Day of this year, there should be no homeless veteran in the City of Philadelphia.

This is the goal of the government agencies and private non-profit organizations working together on PhillyVetsHome2015, whose objective is to achieve “functional zero” of homelessness among Philadelphia’s veterans on, or before, Wednesday, November 11, 2015.

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