Rebuild is about more than just fixing buildings and parks. Learn about other ways we’re investing in local communities, people, and businesses.

Supports for small business

Rebuild’s historic investment of hundreds of millions of dollars presents an opportunity to support small, diverse businesses. Often, these businesses face barriers that make it difficult for them to work on public works projects.

Rebuild will help small businesses:

  • Become certified and registered as a minority-owned-business (MBE) or woman-owned-business (WBE).
  • Meet bonding requirements.
  • Meet insurance requirements.
  • Access capital and financing.
  • Develop bids and manage cash flow.
  • Get access to technical assistance and back-office supports (e.g. book-keeping).
  • Get access to networking events that connect diverse businesses with the nonprofits managing Rebuild projects.
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Workforce development

Rebuild is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in the construction industry. Through its construction projects, Rebuild will pilot workforce development programs to help more minorities and women move into successful jobs and careers in construction.

Rebuild’s workforce programs will launch after a significant number of projects are underway. These projects will provide job opportunities for participants in the programs.

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Community engagement

Philadelphia’s volunteer groups bring programs and resources to their neighborhood parks, recreation centers, and libraries. These dedicated residents play a critical role in making sure that their local facilities serve community members of all ages.

Rebuild is partnering with the Free Library of Philadelphia, Philadelphia Parks and Recreation, and nonprofit partners to provide more resources and tools to support friends groups and advisory councils.

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