DHS housing programs

Providing housing and support services for DHS-involved families and older youth aging out of DHS.


Our housing services:

  • Help prevent homelessness.
  • Provide stability when a child is at risk of placement due to a lack of adequate housing.
  • Promote the reunification of a family when the lack of housing is the only barrier to achieving it.

DHS works with Philadelphia Housing Authority and the Office of Homeless Services to provide housing and supportive services for families involved with DHS.

We support:

  • Families who need stable housing to prevent their children from being placed in foster care.
  • Families who have a goal of reunifying with their children.
  • Older youth aging out of DHS care.

We can help you if:

  • Your children are at risk of being put in foster care because you don't have adequate housing.
  • The only barrier to reunification with your children is your lack of adequate housing.

If you think you could use our housing services, talk to your CUA case manager or DHS worker.

If you are an older youth and need help with housing, talk to the DHS housing liaison at the Achieving Independence Center (AIC).

If you need housing support but are not in DHS care, contact the Office of Homeless Services.


Eligibility and process

  • Older youth and young adults who have aged out of DHS care.
  • Families whose goal is reunification with children who are in DHS care.
  • Families whose goal is stabilization to prevent children from being placed with DHS.

Families can contact their DHS case worker or CUA case manager.

Older youth and young adults can contact the DHS housing liaison at the Achieving Independence Center (AIC).