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DHS housing programs

Providing housing and support services for DHS-involved families and older youth aging out of DHS.


The Department of Human Services (DHS):

  • Helps families when a child is at risk of placement due to lack of adequate housing.
  • Addresses housing issues that may delay a family’s reunification.
  • Assists youth who are aging out of DHS housing.
  • Helps prevent homelessness and housing insecurity for families and youth engaged in the child welfare system.

To offer these services, we work with Philadelphia Housing Authority, the Office of Homeless Services, and various social service agencies. Our housing resources are paired with supportive services to help families and youth stay in their homes.

We can help you:

  • Identify housing options and locations.
  • Address barriers to moving in such as credit repair or past evictions.
  • Connect with housing services such as credit recovery and first-time home buyer programs.
  • Apply for public housing and financial assistance to get and keep your housing.


Eligibility and process

Our services help:

  • Older youth and young adults who need help finding housing after leaving DHS care. To qualify, you must have been in foster care after the age of 14.
  • Families whose goal is reunification with children who are in DHS care.
  • Families whose goal is stabilization to prevent children from being placed with DHS.

To use our housing services, talk to your DHS social worker or CUA case manager. You can also speak to the housing counselor at the Achieving Reunification Center (ARC) by calling (267) 514-3500.

If you are an older youth who needs help with housing, talk to the DHS housing counselor at the Achieving Independence Center (AIC) or visit a Youth Access Point.

If you need housing support but are not in DHS care, contact the Office of Homeless Services.