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Setting a long-term vision for a healthy, efficient, and green Philadelphia for all.


Greenworks is an initiative of the Office of Sustainability that aims to make Philadelphia a sustainable city.

Greenworks Philadelphia envisions a city where all Philadelphians:

  • Have access to healthy, affordable, and sustainable food and drinking water.
  • Breath healthy air inside and outside.
  • Use clean, efficient, affordable energy.
  • Prepare for climate change and reduce carbon pollution.
  • Benefit from parks, trees, stormwater management, and healthy waterways.
  • Have access to safe, affordable, and low-carbon transportation.
  • Waste less and keep our neighborhoods clean.
  • Benefit from sustainability education, employment, and business opportunities.



1515 Arch St.
13th floor
Philadelphia, PA 19102

Greenworks on the Ground

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