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Surveys: 9th Survey District

[Record group 90-9]
Agency Function

Agency History
The 9th Survey District was created to cover the original 22nd Ward. It was reduced in size in 1890 when the 5th Survey District occupied its eastern territory. Further reductions occurred in 1925 with the creation of the new 15th Survey District. It was enlarged in 1932 to cover both the 21st and 22nd Wards [Germantown and Roxborough], incorporating the area formerly covered by the original 8th Survey District. See the 8th District Estimate Book and Bill Book for additional 9th Survey District records after 1932.

Archival Records
90-9.1 Official Correspondence (1894-1944)

90-9.2 Miscellaneous Correspondence (1895-1942)

90-9.3 Committee Reports (1895-1943)

90-9.4 Certificate Book (1895-1944)

90-9.5 Property Descriptions (1925-1942)

90-9.6 Day Book (1915-1953)

90-9.7 Grading and Calculation Books (1887-1898)

90-9.8 Schedule and Grading Books (1895-1946)

90-9.9 Grade Sketches (1940-1946)

90-9.10 Field Books (1852-1880, 1886-1897)

90-9.11 Maps and Plans, Chestnut Hill Branch, Reading RR, Railroad Grade Crossing Elimination (1916-1931)

90-9.12 Surveys, Plans and Maps

90-9.13 Paving, Sewer, Water Pipe, Miscellaneous Books (1886-1895)

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