WHEREAS, it is the policy of the City of Philadelphia to prohibit the use of firearms by City employees in furtherance of their City employment except in limited, narrowly defined circumstances;

WHEREAS, the use of firearms in a lawful and safe manner requires special training in order to protect the public safety; and

WHEREAS, only certain designated employees of the City have received the necessary training in the appropriate manner and circumstances in which a firearm is to be used;

NOW, THEREFORE, by the powers vested in me by the Philadelphia Home Rule Charter, it is hereby ORDERED that:

1. No City employee may carry a firearm while on duty as a City employee, unless such employee:

a. Is expressly authorized, in his or her formal job description, to carry a firearm on duty; and

b. Has received certification from the Police Commissioner or the Commissioner's designee that such employee has received up-to-date, adequate training and supervision with respect to proper firearm usage and safety, and with respect to appropriate legal guidelines on the use of deadly force.

(1) Recertification shall be required on an annual basis.

(2) The cost of such training and certification shall be borne by the employee's department.

2. Police officers, correctional officers, and sworn deputies in the Sheriff's Office are exempt from this Order, but shall be subject to appropriate rules promulgated by their respective department heads.

3. An employee may request a change in his or her formal job description to expressly authorize the carrying of a firearm while on duty by filing such a request with the Personnel Director and providing a copy of such request to the Commissioner or other head of the employee's department.

a. Upon receipt of any such request, the Personnel Director shall convene and consult with the Firearms-at-Work Panel and shall consider the recommendation of such Panel prior to granting or denying the request. The Firearms-at-Work Panel shall consist of the Commissioner or department head with jurisdiction over the employee's job, the City Solicitor, the Police Commissioner, and the Managing Director, or their designees.

b. With respect to each such request, the Firearms-at-Work Panel shall forward to the Personnel Director a formal written recommendation, setting forth the reasons for such recommendation. In making its recommendation, the Panel shall consider, among other things, the employee's need to carry a firearm on duty; the likelihood the employee will be called upon to use the firearm while on duty; and the employee's training and supervision with respect to firearm usage and safety (including legal guidelines).

c. Any such change in a job description shall set forth the precise reasons for the need to carry a firearm, the precise instances in which such employee is authorized to carry a firearm, and the precise instances in which such employee is authorized to use a firearm.

d. Any such change in a job description shall be subject to approval by the Administrative Board.

Date: 20 January 1995

Signed: Edward G. Rendell, Mayor

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