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City of Philadelphia

Managing Director's Office

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The Managing Director’s Office (MDO) is the Cabinet-level executive office with oversight of the city’s operating departments. The MDO provides support, assistance, and coordination to build sustainable infrastructure within and across departments, ensuring the efficient delivery of quality services to the public.

The MDO plays a major role in the development and implementation of key policy initiatives; monitors and analyzes the performance and progress of individual departments; and serves as a catalyst to encourage cooperation and collaboration across departments. Additionally, several significant outward-facing public service programs are housed within MDO.

The MDO is organized around five cabinets, each of whom oversees the operating departments relevant to specific program areas.

Community & Culture

The Community & Culture division oversees a number of departments and offices that are focused on quality of life assets that help to make Philadelphia a great place to work and live.

Community Services

The Community Services division oversees a number of outward-facing programs that provide services directly to the public. These offices and programs focus on enhancing quality of life and improving how citizens engage with their communities and their city government.

Health & Human Services

The Health & Human Services division works to ensure the success of Philadelphia’s children, families, and vulnerable adults through the alignment of strategies and programs to combat poverty and buffer its effects.

Public Safety

The Public Safety division is a grouping of departments and independent offices that deal directly with the public safety or criminal justice systems. The cabinet is designed to provide coordination between the Police Department, Fire Department, Prison System, Office of Emergency Management, and Department of Licenses & Inspections. Additionally, the division serves as a liaison to the First Judicial District, District Attorney’s Office, Sheriff, and the Defenders Association.

Transportation & Infrastructure

The Office of Transportation & Infrastructure Systems (oTIS) (link) is charged with driving change throughout the City’s transportation and infrastructure systems by promoting a focus on increased mobility, safety, and sustainability through the implementation of innovative solutions.