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City of Philadelphia

Code Enforcement Unit

Kristin K. Bray, Chief Deputy City Solicitor

The Code Enforcement Unit represents the City of Philadelphia in matters that directly protect the lives, health, and safety of Philadelphia’s citizens and visitors. Code Enforcement Unit attorneys represent the Department of Licenses and Inspections, Department of Public Health, Fire Department, and other City departments in a broad spectrum of enforcement matters before the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas, the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, Commonwealth Court, and several administrative forums including the Board of Licenses and Inspection Review, Zoning Board of Adjustment, and Tax Review Board. Through a wide array of enforcement tools, the Unit takes legal action against property owners who maintain dangerous, hazardous, and unsafe building which threaten the public health and safety and decrease property values in the community. The Unit also takes legal action against food handlers and businesses whose actions jeopardize the health and safety of the public. Code Enforcement Unit attorneys ensure that individuals and businesses meet all licensing, permit, and other regulatory requirements under Title 4 (Building Construction and Occupancy Code), Title 6 (Health Code), Title 9 (Regulation of Business, Trades, and Professions), Title 10 (Regulation of Individual Conduct and Activity), and Title 14 (Zoning and Planning) of the Philadelphia Code.

Kristin K. Bray is the Chief Deputy City Solicitor of the Code Enforcement Unit. Prior to being named as the Chief Deputy City Solicitor, Kristin served in the Law Department’s General Litigation Unit where she represented the City of Philadelphia in civil actions arising out of contract, real property, and other commercial disputes. In the five years prior to that, Kristin worked for the Defense Logistics Agency, Troop Support, where she served as the Trial Attorney and, eventually, the Senior Trial Attorney. In that role, she routinely litigated complex, multi-billion and multi-million dollar contract disputes. Before joining DLA, Kristin spent four years as an Assistant City Solicitor in the Housing and Code Enforcement Unit. Prior to working for the City of Philadelphia, Kristin clerked for The Honorable Bonnie Brigance Leadbetter of the Commonwealth Court. Kristin is a graduate of Immaculata College (B.A., cum laude) and Villanova University School of Law (J.D., magna cum laude).
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