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City of Philadelphia

Civil Rights Unit

Armando Brigandi, Chief Deputy City Solicitor

The Civil Rights Unit defends all lawsuits filed against the City and it's employees in which it is alleged that an individual's constitutionally-protected rights have been violated. Most of these cases are filed in federal court under the Civil Rights Act, 42 U.S.C 1983. Many of the cases involve Fourth Amendment claims brought against the Philadelphia Police Department, and Eighth Amendment claims asserted against the Philadelphia Prison System. The Civil Rights Unit also represents the Department of Human Services when constitutional violations are alleged to arise out of DHS' child welfare cases.

The Civil Rights Unit provides legal advice to City Departments on issues with potential civil rights implications, and counsels City Departments on policy issues. The CRU also consults with City Departments on employee training issues to ensure that City personnel in all departments are aware of the constitutional limits of their authority.

All Civil Rights Unit attorneys have active trial case loads, and are given substantial responsibility at an early stage. All attorneys handle their own cases from the filing of a complaint until jury verdict, to have the opportunity to develop a theory of the case, build a factual record to support the theory, and present their case to a jury.

Mr. Brigandi received his undergraduate degree from Seton Hall University and law degree from Villanova University. He joined the City’s Civil Rights Unit in January of 2006, where he has defended both Police Officers and Prison Personnel against claims involving alleged constitutional violations. Mr. Brigandi has tried over 70 Civil Rights cases to verdict in both State and Federal Courts. In December of 2011, he was promoted to Divisional Deputy of the Civil Rights Unit for the City of Philadelphia Law Department. In March of 2016 he was named the Chief Deputy of the Civil Rights Unit.

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