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City of Philadelphia

First Deputy City Solicitor

Craig M. Straw, First Deputy City Solicitor

The First Deputy City Solicitor serves as head of the Law Department when the City Solicitor is unavailable. In addition, by assignment of the City Solicitor, the First Deputy is responsible for advising the City Solicitor in overseeing and managing the Law Department’s caseload and assignments; providing litigation support and consultation on significant matters impacting City-wide initiatives, programs and policies; implementing Department-wide initiatives and policies involving diversity, professional development/training and public service; complying with reporting requirements of the Department to the Mayor’s Office, City Council, City Departments and other governmental offices and agencies; making personnel decisions; and administering the Summer Law Clerk Program and Internship Programs.

The First Deputy also advises the City Solicitor on issues involving the budget, audits, performance evaluations, human resources, technology and facilities. He also coordinates the Department-wide Continuing Legal Education program.

First Deputy City Solicitor Craig M. Straw received his undergraduate and law degrees from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He earned his law degree while working for a City of Pittsburgh Council member, who recently retired from the Pennsylvania State Senate. After graduating from law school, Craig worked for seven years as an Assistant City Solicitor for the City of Pittsburgh. During his tenure with the City of Pittsburgh Law Department, he primarily handled civil rights litigation involving the City of Pittsburgh Police Department. In 2006, he joined the Civil Rights Unit of the City of Philadelphia Law Department. In 2007, Craig was named the Chief Deputy of the Civil Rights Unit and maintained that position until being named the First Deputy City Solicitor in March of 2016.

Craig M. Straw