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What to expect

What to expect

In October 2022, you can start using the Philadelphia Tax Center to:

  • Pay Real Estate Tax and apply for Real Estate Tax assistance programs.
  • Access a more streamlined Tax Clearance system.



Your taxes will be added to the Philadelphia Tax Center website in two phases. 

Phase one – November 2021

  • Business Income and Receipts Tax (BIRT) 
  • Wage Tax
  • Net Profits Tax
  • Earnings Tax  
  • School Income Tax (SIT) 
  • Liquor Tax
  • Beverage Tax
  • Tobacco Tax  

Phase two – October 2022 

  • Real Estate Tax  
  • Use and Occupancy Tax  
  • Realty Transfer Tax  
  • Hospital Tax  
  • Parking Tax  
  • Valet Parking Tax 
  • Hotel Tax  
  • Amusement Tax  
  • Coin-operated Tax  
  • Vehicle Rental Tax  
  • Outdoor Advertising Tax  
  • Commercial Trash Fees  
  • Police Fees  
  • Agency Receivable Fees (L & I fees)


The new site will include many features that were unavailable previously, including self-service options. Also, some existing online services will be easier to understand and complete.

The Philadelphia Tax Center allows you to:

Share secure communication

  • Send and receive secure messages from Revenue representatives.
  • See all letters you received from Revenue, from November 2021 on.
  • Respond online to a letter you received in the mail.
  • Upload any audit documents.

Apply for programs and submit requests

View and manage your account(s)

  • From a single dashboard, view account balances, overdue returns, and payments. 
  • Give access to accounts to your accountant or other users. 
  • Manage your account details including name and address.
  • Manage tax clearance requests