Frequently Asked Questions
Risk Management

Does the City handle claims for work injuries for non-City employees?
No, the Employee Disability Unit handles only cases involving City employees. Other claims should be addressed to your own employer.

If I am a City employee with a complaint about my care or how my claim was handled, where do I go for help?
Complaints and concerns should be referred to the Employee Disability Unit at 215-683-1723 or 215-683-1715 or 215-683-1716.

How do I file a claim against the City?
Call the Claims Unit 215-683-1700 and a form will be mailed to you directly or click here to download a claim form. Complete the required information and return the form to the address listed in the contact section below or on the contact page by fax or mail.

Do I need to file a claim in person?
No. The claims adjuster can obtain all of the necessary information by telephone or by mail.

What information is needed to file a claim?
The necessary documentation will vary by claims type. If the claim is for damage to a motor vehicle, please provide photographs, if available, a copy of the police report, a copy of the Declaration Sheet from your automobile insurance policy, and two estimates of the cost of repair. If a claim is for bodily injury, please provide copies of medical bills as well. The claims adjuster assigned to your case will let you know what other information is required.

What is the Pennsylvania Political Subdivision Tort Claims Act?
Negligence claims against the City are governed by this law, commonly called the Tort Claims Act, which sets forth the eight ways in which the City can be liable for injury or property damage.

How long does it take to process a claim?
Once the City receives all of the necessary information, a decision should be reached within four weeks.

Does the Safety Unit handle worker safety and health concerns for private employers in the City of Philadelphia?
No. The U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) handles workplace health and safety concerns for private sector employees. Their local area office is at 2nd & Chestnut Streets. OSHA's phone number is 215-597-4955. Risk Management's Safety unit only responds to workplace health and safety hazards for City of Philadelphia employees. The Safety Unit does not, however, have any jurisdiction over employees of SEPTA, the Philadelphia Parking or Housing Authorities, the Philadelphia Gas Works or the School District of Philadelphia.

What should the public do if they observe an unsafe condition?
Members of the public who observe an unsafe condition relating to operations of the City of Philadelphia should note the details of the condition (i.e. description of condition, location, vehicle number, time of observation) and contact the Safety and Loss Prevention Unit of the Risk Management Division.

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