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Right-of-Way Improvement Standards (ROWIS)

The Right-of-Way Improvement Standards (ROWIS) compile the standard requirements of the Department of Streets. This document covers standards for design, plan reviews, and permitting. It also discusses process flow.

Name Description Released Format
Right-of-Way Improvement Standards (ROWIS) PDF The compiled standards of the Department of Streets, issued in 2015. October 7, 2020
Plan review checklist 1 PDF Checklist for zoning and building permit review plans. June 01, 2015
Plan review checklist 2 PDF Checklist for minor and major development projects. June 01, 2015
Plan review checklist 3 PDF Checklist for sheeting and shoring plans. March 02, 2015
Plan review checklist 4 PDF Checklist for encroachment legislation. March 02, 2015