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Resources for adoptive parents

Information about the resources that are available to parents who have adopted a child from foster care in Pennsylvania.

Name Description Released Format
Resource Parent Handbook PDF A guide for both new and experienced foster and kinship parents. December 22, 2020
Safe Medicine Storage Flyer PDF In an effort to end accidental child drug ingestion the City urges parents/guardians to keep opioids and all medicines locked away and out of reach of children. November 12, 2020
Safe Medicine Storage Tip Sheet PDF Guidance for people who work with adults taking prescribed medicines or illegal drugs. November 12, 2020
Visitation during COVID crisis PDF Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, Philadelphia DHS Commissioner Kimberly Ali has issued the following directives as they relate to in person visitation and contact between staff and children and families. March 31, 2020
Statewide Adoption Network Post-Permanency Service PDF A pamphlet about the resources available to parents who have adopted a child from SWAN. February 12, 2018