Due to extremely cold conditions, the City is implementing special measures to keep people who are homeless safe. If you see someone who needs shelter, call (215) 232-1984.
In effect: 3:00 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 14 until further notice

COVID-19 vaccine

The vaccine is now available for everyone 5 and older! Get your children vaccinated today. Find a City-run vaccine clinic or partner vaccine clinic to protect yourself and your loved ones. If you have questions about vaccination, call (215) 685-5488.

Paid sick leave resources

The City of Philadelphia has enacted the “Promoting Healthy Families and Workplaces” law, which provides that certain employees are entitled to paid and unpaid leave, all under certain terms and conditions. The law, regulations, poster, one-pagers, and complaint form are available for download.

  • Paid sick leave posters for employers: Employers are now required by law to notify their employees that they are entitled to sick time. The City of Philadelphia has created the paid sick leave poster. The poster is available for download in multiple languages, and it is required that employers post this notice that employees are entitled to sick time. Further information should also be made available in any handbooks distributed to employees.
  • One-pagers from the Office of Immigrant Affairs: One-pagers aimed at informing immigrant workers in Philadelphia of their rights in the workplace are also available for download. They were created by the Office of Immigrant Affairs (OIA) in partnership with local non-profits. The materials available on the one-pager are provided for general informational purposes only, do not constitute legal advice, and are not guaranteed to be up to date.

You can learn more by visiting the paid sick leave page. For information related to COVID-19, view the pandemic sick leave resources.

Contact the Department of Labor to ask questions, file a complaint, or request compliance assistance at (215) 686-0802 or by emailing paidsickleave@phila.gov.

Name Description Released Format
Federal paid sick leave and COVID-19 poster (English) PDF Guidance in English about requirements for certain employers to provide their employees with paid sick leave and expanded family and medical leave for specified reasons related to COVID-19. April 2, 2020
Federal paid sick leave and COVID-19 poster (Spanish) PDF La Ley Familias Primero de Respuesta al Coronavirus (FFCRA o Ley) requiere que ciertos empleadores den a empleados licencias laboral pagadas o expansión de licencia familiar y por enfermedad por razones relativas al COVID-19. April 2, 2020