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Operations permit materials

Operations permits are issued by the Department of Licenses and Inspections (L&I). They regulate activities such as fireworks displays, tents, and the use of explosives that may pose a safety risk. Use these materials to apply for operations permits.


Name Description Released Format
Application for flame effect approval PDF Use this form to obtain Philadelphia Fire Department approval for activities involving open flame, fire and/or burning that occurs as part of any display, event, or performance including special effects for, theater, television, film or any other visual arts production. August 31, 2020
Blasting operations guidelines PDF Guidelines for explosive use in Philadelphia. September 12, 2019
Operations permit application PDF Use this application to obtain a permit for temporary tents and canopies, display fireworks, or use explosives. February 14, 2022
Pyrotechnic technician form PDF Use this form to provide pyrotechnic technician information. August 31, 2020