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Fair Workweek resources

The Fair Workweek law in Philadelphia requires covered employers to provide service, retail, and hospitality workers with a predictable work schedule. It also requires good faith estimates and 14 days advance notice of schedule, along with other protections.

Covered employers include those with 250 or more employees worldwide and 30 or more locations worldwide, including chain establishments and franchises.

Learn more about how to report a Fair Workweek law violation.

You can also watch a video overview of the law.

Contact the Office of Worker Protections in the Department of Labor to ask questions, file a complaint, or request compliance assistance at (215) 686-0802. You can also email

Name Description Released Format
Fair Workweek Complaint Form – English PDF Use this fillable form to report a violation of fair work week requirements. December 19, 2023
Fair Workweek law PDF Philadelphia's Fair Workweek law. December 18, 2019
Fair Workweek regulations PDF Regulations for the Philadelphia Chapter Code 9-4600, Fair Workweek. February 13, 2020
Notice Poster to Employees – Fair Workweek PDF January 26, 2024
Notice Poster for Employees in Various Languages PDF A printable poster with information about this law's requirements in multiple languages. Employers must post this information in an accessible location where other notices are posted. October 23, 2023
Fair Workweek FAQ English PDF This document answers frequently asked questions about the Fair Workweek law. December 18, 2023
Fair Workweek FAQ Spanish PDF Esto responde a las preguntas más frecuentes sobre la ley Semana Laboral Justa. March 25, 2021
Fair Workweek FAQ French PDF Ceci repond aux questions les plus souvent posees a propos de la Semaine de Travail Equitable. March 25, 2021
Fair Workweek mass written communication template PDF Employers can use this template when attempting to fill a scheduled shift that an employee is unable to work. April 23, 2020
Fair Workweek Tipped Rate Predictability Pay PDF Predictability pay rate for tipped employees for fiscal year 2024. Expires June 30, 2024. July 5, 2023
Fair Workweek Good Faith Estimates Template PDF Employers can use this template when providing employees with good faith estimates. September 27, 2023