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Electrical certification forms for schools (Group E occupancy)

A licensed electrical contractor or an electrical inspection agency must perform an annual inspection and certify the electrical systems in public and charter schools as required for a Special Certificate of Inspection. These materials include certification and deficiency forms related to these inspections. The forms must be submitted to the Department of Licenses and Inspections (L&I).

The school inspection program webinar video and slides explain how schools should prepare for annual L&I inspections.

Name Description Released Format
Electrical certification form for public and charter schools (Group E occupancy) PDF A licensed electrical inspector must use this form to provide results and certify the electrical system in public and charter schools. July 28, 2023
Electrical certification deficiency form for public and charter schools (Group E occupancy) PDF Use this form to report any serious or minor electrical deficiencies in public and charter schools that cannot be corrected within 90 days. July 14, 2023