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Community plans

Neighborhood associations and other nonprofits create plans to improve neighborhoods. If the Philadelphia City Planning Commission (PCPC) and other City agencies were invited to participate, and if the plans do not conflict with the City’s Comprehensive Plan, they might guide City policies.

Name Description Released Format
Brewerytown Neighborhood Plan (2010) PDF September 2010
Center City Residents Association Neighborhood Plan (2009) PDF January 2007; revised 2009
Chinatown Neighborhood Plan (2017) PDF October 2017
East Kensington Transportation and Community Development Plan (2013) PDF 2013
HACE 2025 Neighborhood Plan PDF September 2016
Hunting Park Neighborhood Strategic Plan 2022 (2012) PDF March 2012
Logan Square Neighborhood Parkway Plan (2009) PDF March 2009
Make Some Noise for Logan (2016) PDF July 2016
Make Your Mark: Lower Lancaster Revitalization Plan (2012) PDF June 2012
Mt. Airy 2025: An Action Plan for Our Future (2016) PDF March 2016
Nicetown Economic Development and Housing Strategy (2012) PDF May 2012
North of Lehigh Neighborhood Revitalization Plan (2013) PDF December 2013
Our Community Our Ideas: Eastern North Philadelphia Quality of Life Plan (2011) PDF May 2009
Our Community Plan: A Shared Vision For Eastern North Philadelphia (2009) PDF May 17, 2009
Philadelphia 30th Street Station District Plan (2016) PDF June 2016
Project Reclaim: 4200 Block of Viola Street (2013) PDF May 2013
Promise Zone Comprehensive Housing Strategy Report (2017) PDF December 2017
Shaping Our Future: Walnut Hill Neighborhood Plan (2016) PDF 2016
We Are Mantua: Mantua Transformation Plan (2013) PDF June 2013
Yorktown Master Plan 2015 (2010) PDF 2010