Office of the Chief Administrative Officer

Office of Performance Management

The Performance Management Unit works to enable City departments and City government as a whole to measure, track, and report on the progress of major goals and initiatives and utilize data and evidence to make policy and program decisions. Performance Management systems and strategies are designed to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of services to city residents and services that support departments and operations.

The Performance Management team works collaboratively with departments and offices to strengthen strategic goals, identify meaningful indicators that can demonstrate service trends and improvements, build capacity to collect and analyze data, and design user-friendly tools to communicate performance metrics internally and to the public.

Performance Management assists City departments and offices with the following:

  • Reviewing and streamlining performance measures
  • Developing, updating, or refining strategic plans into brief documents with clear goals, measures, and data collection strategies
  • Developing, updating, or refining program logic models to define desired long-term and intermediate outcomes, inputs, and outputs
  • Data analyses
  • Drafting performance reports/documents
  • Developing performance measure dashboards for agency leaders and managers

Contact Information:

City of Philadelphia
1401 JFK Boulevard, MSB Suite 630
Philadelphia, PA 19102
(215) 686-5230