Office of the Chief Administrative Officer

Human Resources and Talent Unit

The Human Resources and Talent Unit focuses on the development and implementation of strategic human resource initiatives and process improvements—working closely with the operating departments across the City and the Office of Human Resources to implement these improvement initiatives. Additionally, the Human Resources and Talent Unit facilitates training and professional development opportunities for City employees through the use of instructor-led and eLearning platforms.

Initiative examples are as follows:

  • The Returning to Learning Program is a 25% tuition discount program in partnership with area colleges and universities to help City employees develop and continue their education.
  • The Human Resources and Talent Unit  is developing a streamlined employee recruitment process to ensure that a robust slate of qualified candidates are presented to the civil service testing processes and that the City is able to attract qualified candidates for all positions.

Contact Information:

Jackie Linton
Deputy Chief Administrative Officer
Human Resources & Talent
Municipal Services Building
1401 JFK Boulevard, 15th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19102
(215) 686-7149

Tracey Bryant
Director of Training and Recruiting
(215) 686-2388

ShaRonn Mitchell
Recruiting Manager
(215) 686-2343

Suzanne O’Donnell
Assistant Chief Administrative Officer
Program Manager
(215) 686-4939