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Department of Fleet Services


Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable unit of the Department of Fleet Services (Fleet) processes payments to submit to the Finance Department. We also maintain and monitor over 100 vendors by reviewing and reconciling vendor statements. In addition, we research and resolve pricing discrepancies and review all invoices for appropriate documentation and approval prior to payment.

Apprenticeship program

Fleet has an elite apprenticeship program. It trains and prepares high school students for rewarding careers in the automotive industry.

This program benefits students and Fleet alike. High school students get paid, hands-on experience while earning a high-school diploma. They’re also prepared for a successful career with the City. Fleed benefits by gaining employees that have the experience and skill to help fulfill its mission.

To qualify for paid internships at one of Fleet’s maintenance and repair facilities, students must:

  • Complete their sophomore year.
  • Participate in their school’s automotive program.
  • Meet other program criteria.

During the paid internship, students work full time during school breaks and part time when school is in session. Under the guidance of a mentor/full performance technician, students learn skills of the trade.

After the student graduates from high school, they are appointed to the full-time, civil service position of automotive apprentice.

The program has been successful throughout the years. Many participants have progressed to full performance technicians and supervisory positions.

To learn more about this program, students should contact their automotive instructor.


The Budget Unit is the financial center of Fleet, which has an annual operating budget of about $80 million. We prepare:

  • Operating and target budgets.
  • Quarterly budget update reports.
  • Various financial reports.

We are also responsible for:

  • Reconciling petty cash with the bank statements.
  • Initiating and reconciling expenditure transfers.
  • Depositing all checks.
  • Setting up various contracts and miscellaneous purchase orders.
  • Coordinating on-street and off-street parking.

The Budget unit also handles red-light camera and parking violations for all City-owned vehicles. We send out violation notifications to all departments. Drivers pay any and all fines.

Bureau of Quality Assurance

Fleet’s Bureau of Quality Assurance unit (BQA) is responsible for the acquisition, specification, procurement, and documentation of all City-owned vehicles. This includes vehicles and equipment for all City departments, including but not limited to:

  • Police.
  • Fire.
  • Sanitation.
  • Managing Director’s Office.
  • Office of Emergency Management.
  • Water.
  • Parks and Recreation.

BQA makes sure that the vendors supply the City with the right vehicles in a timely manner, and at a cost that saves the City money.

BQA is also responsible for the warranty and recall administration for all City-owned vehicles. BQA verifies that the warranty and recall repairs are completed on time. We also make sure that any funds associated with the repairs are refunded to the City.
The BQA Unit is responsible for facility repairs at:

  • 16 Fleet repair facilities
  • 60 City-owned fuel sites
  • More than 102 underground and aboveground tanks.

Materials Management

The Materials Management unit oversees the supply chain for the Fleet and 16 shop locations. We oversee:

  • Vehicle service contracts.
  • Parts purchasing.
  • Inventory quality and quantity.

The unit’s function includes:

  • Writing contract specifications.
  • Sourcing and monitoring vendors.
  • Researching, reviewing and ordering parts.
  • Overseeing the inventory budget.
  • Reviewing and purchasing diagnostic software.
  • Managing the ordering process.

Materials Management works closely with Fleet shop personnel, the vendor community, and other City agency liaisons. We also regularly partner with Procurement, Law, Finance, and the Controller’s office to deliver the best possible service.


The Purchasing unit procures materials needed for the daily operations of the Department of Fleet Services. We monitor contracts to ensure that vendors are in compliance with policies. We also create and track purchase orders and handle petty cash requests. The Purchasing Unit interacts with the Office of the Director of Finance, Procurement and the vendor community.  


Fleet participates in various career fairs in an effort to locate and identify qualified individuals who are interested in a career in the automotive industry. Please contact us at


The Training unit makes sure that employees receive adequate training, so they can perform their jobs safely and efficiently. Some trainings are held onsite at Fleet’s Training Center at 3900 Richmond Street. This facility is fully equipped to accommodate various types of training. The adjacent Maintenance and Repair facility offers more opportunities for hands-on training.