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City of Philadelphia

Paid Sick Leave

The City of Philadelphia has enacted the "Promoting Healthy Families and Workplaces" law, which provides that certain employees are entitled to paid and unpaid leave, all under certain terms and conditions.
The Managing Director’s Office is responsible for administering and enforcing the "Promoting Healthy Families and Workplaces” Law.  A copy of the ordinance can be found HERE.  Paid Sick Leave Guidance has been developed for some categories in order to provide interpretation and direction until regulations for the law are completed. Regulations will be completed before the end of calendar year 2015.

Employers are now required by law to notify their employees that they are entitled to sick time.  Employees became eligible to accrue time on May 13, 2015 and eligible to use their accrued time on August 11, 2015.   In an effort to facilitate this communication, the City of Philadelphia has created the Paid Sick Leave Poster.  The poster is available for download in multiple languages, and it is required that employers post this notice that employees are entitled to sick time.  Further information should also be made available in any handbooks distributed to employees.  Questions and concerns can be submitted to

Alleged violations of the law should be reported to the Managing Director's Office by submitting the Paid Sick Leave Complaint Form online. 

If you can not or do not wish to submit the form online, you may download and print the form instead. Printed forms can be emailed or sent via US Mail to:

Paid Sick Leave Office
1401 JFK Blvd. - Suite 1430
Philadelphia, PA  19102

Important Forms & Documents

 - Paid Sick Leave Poster (Multiple Languages)
 - Paid Sick Leave Guidance - Temporary/Seasonal Employees
 - Paid Sick Leave Guidance - Compensation REVISED
 - Paid Sick Leave Guidance - Submitting a Complaint
 - Paid Sick Leave Complaint Form (download)
 - Promoting Healthy Families and Workplaces Ordinance

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Questions, comments and completed forms can be submitted via email to

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