Want to help kids navigate Philadelphia safely and confidently? Looking to teach your children or students about traffic safety but don’t know where to start? Safe Routes Philly is here to help! 

Safe Routes Philly (SRP) is Philadelphia’s youth bicycle and pedestrian safety education program. SRP works on a “train the trainers” model by sharing educational resources and hosting events with parents, caregivers, and educators. This helps reach kids where they are most comfortable, in their classrooms, communities, and at home. 

All resources are free and available for any use. Check out some of our most popular resources: 

Safe Routes Philly Activity Book 

Activity book covers bicycle and pedestrian safety through different activities. This activity book, like many of our materials, is also available in 7 languages. 


Crossing the Street Song  

This catchy song helps young kids remember the steps for safely crossing the street. Available in 7 Languages! 


Safe Routes Philly Traffic Garden Guide 

A guide to creating a temporary or semi-permanent traffic garden with scaled-down traffic features and urban elements. Traffic gardens offer a safe environment for children to practice navigating a street. 


Traveling Through History Lesson 

Designed for 9-12 grades, this oral history lesson connects students to community members to understand how traveling to school in Philadelphia has changed over time. This lesson meets academic standards for Social Studies outlined by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. 

 Do you have questions about the program, resources, or hosting an event? We are happy to help!