Here’s what you need to know on the immediate and long-term improvements at Broad, Germantown, and Erie. 

Summer improvements to Butler, Broad, and Germantown Triangle 

Summer landscaping is complete at the triangle at Butler, Broad, and Germantown (known by some as Fish Park). The following work was done: 

  • Removed weeds from chain link fence surrounding shed 
  • Leveled out the ground and planted new grass 
  • Planted flowering trees
  • Planted flowering plants
  • Added fine stone gravel to the area surrounding the shed

Here’s what’s coming later this summer: 

  • Four (4) sets of tables and chairs 
  • One (1) new trash can 
  • Colorful cubes with chess boards, chalkboard surfaces, and more 
  • Spinning columns on fence rungs
  • Decorative banners on the chain link fence 

In August there will be a community opening day (date to be announced). The event will have music, refreshments, and speakers from the community to celebrate the improvements. We will also plant new trees, vote on a paint color for the fence posts, and paint them. 

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Honoring Neighborhood History 

A goal of the Broad, Germantown, and Erie Project is to honor local history. A committee of neighborhood history enthusiasts lead honoring history efforts.  

Their focus is:  

  • Nominate historic buildings 
  • Create photo essays 
  • Collect neighborhood history 
  • Public art and markers 

In 2021, historic photos chosen by the photo essays team will be displayed in the Butler, Broad, and Germantown triangle (Fish Park).  

The photo essays team is also asking for photos from the past or present from Broad & Erie neighbors. These photos will be displayed in the triangle at Butler, Broad, and Germantown. 

The photos can be of people, places, or things in the neighborhood. You can include a caption if you’d like.  

  • Send photos via text to (215) 436-9886  or email at  
  • Deadline: July 16, 2021 

Disclaimer: Photos will be displayed in a public park space. Submitting a photo does not guarantee it will be displayed. Photos will not be used for any other use besides what is described here. 

Traffic Safety 

Later this summer, the City will install flex posts and a “no right turn” sign at the northeast corner of Broad & Germantown. This will make it safer to walk to the park. 

Read more about the permanent traffic safety changes here 

Long-term Improvements for Broad, Germantown, and Erie 

In January and February 2021 we asked for feedback on the proposed long-term improvements for Broad, Germantown, and Erie (BGE). The proposal was based on what we heard from people who live, work, shop, and take SEPTA at BGE.  

We heard from forty people. These are types of feedback they gave*: 

  • 22 comments expressed support 
  • 13 comments made suggestions 
  • 14 comments shared a concern
  • 12 comments included a question 

These are the topics we received comments on*: 

  • 23 comments about the design 
  • 13 about traffic safety and SEPTA
  • 6 about maintenance
  • 5 about local hiring and contracting
  • 4 about engagement
  • 3 about lighting
  • 2 about local businesses
  • 2 about nearby residential blocks
  • 1 about gentrification
  • 1 about public health
  • 1 about safety 

*Note one comment can be in multiple categories 

Specific feedback includes: 

I really appreciate the efforts of the designers in making the space available to all. This will be a great improvement to the area. 

The ‘green areas’ will almost certainly deteriorate quickly unless some sort of fencing is provided to keep people out of the bed. 

“It looks like a huge improvement to me. Boarding the bus there is confusing and hazardous – whether the 53 or the H or the XH. And driving through is confusing.” 

“What security will be in place for the surrounding areas?” 

“It is extremely important to get the input from the community to encourage engagement, utilization, and “ownership” of the space for success. So glad the city has done this!” 

“Looking at the designs, other than string lights, I didn’t notice any other lighting on that corridor.  I was wondering if some type of flood lights or other lighting will be added to make the space illuminate at night?” 

What we’re doing with the feedback we received: 

  • Shared the design feedback with the designers 
  • Purchased solar-powered flood lights
  • Responded to each question and created an FAQ
  • Creating a detailed maintenance plan
  • Supporting community-led safety efforts
  • Installing quick improvements this summer to test out lawn space, seating options, and maintenance